(This Application will be kept strictly confidential)

The purpose of this agreement is to establish credit terms agreements between companies cooperating within the Logistics services of Land, air and sea markets.


Delta Novel Srl (DN) = CREDITOR


the down below = DEBITOR

Individual or firm name:

Full Mailing Address: (Address/City/State/Zip)

Billing Address/City/State/Zip (if different):




Please check where applicable:




 Ocean Freight Forwarder

Year Business Established:

Name of party responsible for processing freight bills  

Telephone (if different from above)

Principals (main Stockholders) of above firm, if incorporated:

Name of service required:
(i.e. description of points to be included, commodities to be shipped, and quantity of cargo anticipated)

Amount of Total credit requested:

Euro (Estimate based on maximum quantities to be shipped and for which credit will be granted during the Maximum credit period of end Month plus 10/15/20/30 days)


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Principal Banking Affiliation:  
Full Mailing Address:
(Address City St Zip)


Whereas, in consideration of Delta Novel Srl. (hereinafter "DN") DN's extension of credit to the party for whose account transportation is provided (hereinafter as "DEBITOR") by release of Bills of Lading and shipping documents that freight and logistics expenses is to be prepaid by DEBITOR.

DEBITOR hereby agrees as follows:
To submit payment to DN all freight and charges due on said freight invoice to DN, or his designated agents,

within from the freight invoice date(must be relative to the Amount of Total credit requested paragraph), to submit payment to DN and be liable for such payment within the due date agreed, regardless of whether DEBITOR has previously paid freight and charges to an ocean freight forwarder or other party and those parties have failed to remit those payments to DN; In the event DEBITOR breaches any part of this agreement, DN may terminate credit privileges under this agreement without advance notice to DEBITOR; The term DEBITOR as utilized in this agreement is also applicable to an ocean freight forwarder if such a forwarder is identified in the application portion of this agreement and is extended credit by the release of prepaid Bills of Lading as previously described herein; provided, however, that nothing in this agreement precludes DN from additionally extending credit to an importer/exporter for shipments for which original Bills of Lading and all original shipping documents have been released to an ocean freight forwarder or other agent of the importer/exporter; DEBITOR agrees that by virtue of this agreement, and in the event that payment is not received by DN within the due date agreed, DN shall have the right to claim a lien on any commodities in the possession of DN, whether or not freight and charges have been paid or are tendered for the commodities in DN's possession, if amounts are still owed for shipments which are no longer in DN's possession. DEBITOR agrees that by virtue of this agreement and in the event that payment is not received by DN within the due date agreed DN shall debit interests according the Italian central Bank known; DEBITOR agrees to pay the amount of Euro 9,5 in additional for each invoice as credit handling expenses.

Signed Name:



Signature: X_______________________________________












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